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Reward your clients with Service Empire

Reward your clients by sponsoring their memberships for Service Empire’s Cutting Edge Exclusive Concierge mobile application. Increased customers loyalty and gratefulness towards your business will lead to Increase in sales quantities and volume.





Use Service Empire to Benefit Your Business

Reward Your Clients & Increase Your Sales

In the context of social obligation – “People are more likely to say yes to those they owe“.

A series of Studies Conducted in Restaurants

The waiter gave diners a gift, a SIMPLE MINT:

One mint

Giving diners a single mint at the end of their meal increased tips by around 3%

Two mints

Interestingly if the gift is doubled tips don’t just double. They Quadruple with a 14% increase.

How it was given

The waiter provided a mint, walked away and made a pause before turning back to say: “For you nice people, here’s an extra mint.” Tips go through the roof with a 23% INCREASE

The key to using the principle of Reciprocation

To be the first to give and ensure that what you give is Personalized and Unexpected.

Service Empire Let you Sponsor Membership for Your Clients


Provide an unlimited amount of clients with a lifetime membership for Service Empire Members Only Exclusive Concierge Mobile App.


Your clients will receive a personalized greeting reminding them their Memberships at Service Empire are being provided thanks to your business upon every interaction with their Service Empire assistant.


Your personalized greeting will also be told to all members who received their memberships from those who you invited, spreading the reach of your Brand Awareness far beyond.


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